Friday, August 31, 2012

Cheap Textbooks for College: An Economic Necessity

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With gas prices going through the roof and everything from bread to baby’s diapers costing more, it’s no wonder that college textbooks are also costing more every year. Due to that fact, students are always seeking ways to find cheap textbooks for college.

Tuition prices are sky high and students need everything from paper and pens to a new laptop or iPhone. So, if you want to find options to buy cheap textbooks for college, try some of these handy suggestions:

Look on the Internet

Technology can be a great thing and when it comes to finding cheap textbooks for college, the Internet is a fantastic place to start. Students can type in their ISBN numbers and find alternatives like e-books, softcover versions, and used college books. You can also sometimes find the books you need on sites like eBay or Amazon or even the school’s website if they allow students to post notices.

Look at the college

You can also sometimes get good deals on cheap textbooks for college at your own college campus. First, try to go to the bookstore and see if they have any used versions of the college books you need, as these are sold at cheaper prices. Plus, you can make a few dollars at the end of the semester and sell them back as well. 

There could also be a bulletin board there or in the dorms where students are posting that they have books to sell or trade. Both of these options are great ways to save your money for doing better things like buying pizza for those all night study periods!
Sometimes if you buy the books early, the college bookstores will even give you a discount or they may have a layaway system. It never hurts to ask and you could end up with a real bargin.

Rent your textbooks

Another option many students aren’t aware of is that you can sometimes rent the college textbooks that you need. Search online for college book rental websites and then put the ISBN number in to see what they have to offer. It’s a great way to find cheap alternatives to having to pay full price for your books.

So, if you want to save lots of money on buying the college textbooks that you have to have for your classes, then be sure to check out these suggestions for cheap college textbooks.

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