Monday, August 20, 2012

Used College Books Save Money

used college books
If you are heading off to a university or college next semester, then you will be needing college books and used college books will help you to save money. There are several ways to say money by looking for used college books online or offline. Here are some of the places to find cheap college books:

Thrift stores good choice for used books

One of the best places to find used college books is at a thrift store or a used book store. If these are located in a large town where the college is, then there is a good chance that you will find several of the books that you need for your college classes. It’s a good idea to call ahead and if they have the books that you need, they may be willing to set them aside for you to pick up later.

Friends may have used books

Another source of used college books is your friends or fellow students. You can start some sort of trading club and then you and your friends won’t even have to spend a dime! If you and your friends alternate taking classes, then you can easily trade books each semester and this is a very good plan to help you to save money and get some used college books.

You can post a notice on the school bulletin board or perhaps on their Facebook page looking for specific titles of used college books. This can also be a great way to find the books that you need at a much cheaper price, as full price books can cost hundreds of dollars when they are new!

Find Used College Books Online

Another way to find some used college books is to do a price comparison on a used book website.  All you have to do is go to one of the search engines and type in the books that you need and see if they appear for sale somewhere online. There are lots of used book stores online and several of them specialize in used college books.

To find used college books you can also type in the ISBN number, which will ensure that you get the exact edition of the book that you need for your classes.

All in all buying used college books is a fantastic way to save money that you may need for other college essentials and living expenses.

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