Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Used College Books Aid Students’ Finances

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Do you go to college and have to pinch every penny twice just to come out even in your finances every month? One of the items that are the most expensive in college after tuition is the college books, so if you can find a source of used college books, then you will be able to save on your financial situation.

But what are the best ways to find a source of those precious used college books? Here are some ideas and ways to locate the used college books that you need for your next college courses:

Campus Bulletin Boards

One way to find a source of used college books is to put up a notice on your college bulletin boards. It’s quite possible that a student who has already taken the class will see it and contact you. Then, you can negotiate a price to pay for the used college books that you need to buy from them.

Internet Sources of Used College Books

Another great source is the Internet. There are tons of ways you can look for a source of used college books online. You can check at places like Ebay, or craigslist to start. These are auction and online buying sources where people list all sorts of things, including used college books.

You can also go to special used bookstore sites and do a search for the title or ISBN number of the used college books that you need for your classes. By using the ISBN number you will be sure of getting the exact title and edition of the used college books that you need, as sometimes this will change in a college class requirement.

Some of these do specialize in college textbooks. Or, you can trade books online with other college students by doing a search or even hunting for a used college books Facebook page. One great thing about used college books is that many of them have the previous student’s notes in them and these can be very useful in helping you to get through the class when you are the one taking it.

Be sure to know if any of the used college book stores or online sources you find a book at have any sort of return policy in case the book that you buy turns out to be the wrong one or is missing pages or otherwise not a good one for your needs.

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