Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips to Find Cheap College Textbooks

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College is starting and you are out and about getting all your supplies, paying your tuition, setting up housing, etc. But wait, the books are going to cost how much?! It’s clear that you will need some tips to find cheap college textbooks so you can save money on your required college books.

Every semester college students have to buy more books to go along with the requirement to the classes and these books sometimes cost hundreds of dollars if you have to buy them new. Even though most of these books are probably pretty boring and mundane, they are definitely not cheap! However, there are ways to get cheap college textbooks if you do the proper search both online and offline to get them.

Finding cheap college textbooks

Your first stop is the college bookstore, but you are not going to shop in the new section. You just need to copy down the ISBN number of your books since you need to be sure you are buying the right edition for your class. Then, you check the used book section of the bookstore and see what they are charging. However, this may not be the best price, so you have a few more tricks to try to get cheap college textbooks.

Next, go online and check the price of your books at places like Amazon, eBay, half.com or the special online college bookstores and used bookstores. It’s likely that one of these at least will be cheaper than your college books store and be a good source of cheap college textbooks. Be sure to check the shipping costs to make sure the book is still cheaper if you choose to buy your books this way.

Another source is local used books stores, as in college towns it is possible they may have the cheap college textbooks that you need. Call ahead and ask so you don’t waste gas trying to find out in person. You can also post a notice either on the college Facebook page or an old-fashioned bulletin board saying that you are interested in buying the books from fellow students who may have already taken the class. This is another source of cheap college textbooks.

Then, when class is over, you can sell the books back to where you got them or try selling them at the college bookstore or to fellow students. All in all, there are plenty of ways not to have to pay full price and still be able to get cheap college textbooks for your college classes.

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